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We believe in happy endings …

Too often, dogs and cats get lost, are neglected or mistreated, or no longer wanted due to a variety of circumstances. Thanks to the relentless efforts of pet lovers like Tammy Cassady, of Numa, many of these animals’ stories have happy endings.

For about two years, Tammy has voluntarily rescued and transported many of Appanoose’s dogs to Heartland Humane Society in Ottumwa. In 2017, Appanoose County began subsidizing Heartland’s cost at $45 per dog. The actual cost to provide medical care, food and shelter is actually much higher.

While this has helped alleviate some of Appanoose County’s animal control issues, it’s just a start. There’s much more to do.

Today, Tammy serves on the boards of both Heartland Humane Society and Furever Friends Rescue. With the dedicated support of other Furever Friends board members, county and city governments, and YOU, Appanoose County will soon have its own pet shelter, offering a wide range of animal welfare, education and adoption services.

If we all work together, we can make Appanoose County a better place for dogs and cats, and for their humans. Let’s do this!