Half-Dead Kitten Finds Forever Home

By Gwen Simmons

One Saturday morning, when Centerville residents Greg and Noel Gorden were shopping at a business outside town, Noel couldn’t help noticing how many cats were hanging around the area. The business owner commented that people often dump cats there and asked Noel, “Have you noticed the one that looks half-dead?”

Half-dead?! Heartsick for the poor animal, Noel immediately started searching for the cat. When she found it, she was heartbroken to see that the kitten had severe wounds on its neck and throat. “It looked like it had either been attacked or caught in a trap,” said Noel. “I could not bear the thought of leaving it there to die.”

Thinking the only compassionate option for the wounded kitten was to have it put down, Noel made arrangements with Dr. McClintock at Country Village Animal Clinic. “He was working cattle but said he would see the kitten in the afternoon,” Noel said. In the meantime, Noel took the kitten home with her and tried to keep him comfortable. “I shed many tears in the few hours that I waited for Dr. McClintock to get to the clinic. I checked on it periodically, and it was sleeping so peacefully I thought it may have already passed away.”

When Dr. McClintock did examine the kitten, he had good news! The bleeding had stopped and the kitten would survive. This was thrilling news for Noel, who had already found herself attached to the kitten. But even better news followed when Dr. McClintock said he would like to keep the kitten to live in his barn. (Greg had made Noel promise not to bring home any more animals, so this seemed the perfect solution.)

“I asked Doc if he would name the kitten after Saint Francis,” said Noel, “but he had already decided to call him Greg since Greg was responsible for him getting to keep the kitten.”

Finally dubbed Gregory Francis, the rescued cat now resides happily as a healthy, comfortable and loved barn cat at Country Village Animal Clinic.

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