Once Neglected, Milo Finds Forever Friend

By Gwen Simmons

Milo is a happy and healthy dog who now enjoys life in his forever home. But that wouldn’t have been possible if compassionate individuals in his community had not become involved in his rescue.

This past winter, Delores Beck called Furever Friends Rescue’s president, Tammy Cassady, reporting that someone had tied a dog to a swing set and abandoned him. Brandon Clark, Centerville’s compliance officer, looked into the situation but could not find the dog.

A few days later, another person sent Cassady a message saying that a woman had begun feeding the dog while waiting for the owners to return. When days turned into weeks, Cassady was called again. She and Clark met the next morning at the address where Milo was found chained in the backyard.

The holes in Milo’s doghouse couldn’t prevent the cold winter wind from penetrating, and there was nothing inside the house to keep him warm. Removing Milo from his chain, Clark stated that someone would be charged for the neglect of this dog. And they were! And Milo was transported to Heartland Humane Society in Ottumwa, where he was adopted into his forever home.

Milo’s story has a happy ending only because people like you took the initiative to make it happen. What can you do? Speak up! Call the police. Leave a message on Furever Friends’ Facebook page. Neglected animals are a part of our own community. We may not always be able to prevent animal abuse, but we are able to help stop it.

To help lost, abused and neglected animals in Appanoose County, please make a tax-deductible donation to Furever Friends Rescue of Appanoose County, Inc. today.

Milo’s dog house could not keep him warm on cold winter days.
Once neglected, Milo is now in the loving hands of his adopted mom.