Animal Hospital vs. Animal Shelter – What’s the Difference?

Some people think the animal hospital that’s coming soon to Centerville is the same thing as Furever Friends Rescue. The confusion is understandable, but the two initiatives are very different.

Parkside Animal Hospital‘s future home on Haynes Ave. in Centerville will, of course, provide the full slate of animal medical services provided by Dr. Anthony White. (Dr. White is also currently involved in Furever Friends Rescue’s leadership.) According to a recent article in The Iowegian, “What is planned is a new animal hospital as well as a kennel and a pound. Once the construction is complete, the city has already agreed to pay them $6,000 per year to shelter and kennel animals detained by the city.”

It’s important to note that the future animal hospital’s:

  • Kennel services will provide temporary care for pets, such as when their owners are out of town.
  • Pound services will provide temporary shelter for dogs that are picked up ONLY by the City of Centerville’s dog catcher (or designated representative) and for a specified amount of time (typically up to 10 days). If the pet is not claimed by its owner within that timeframe, it typically will be transferred to an animal shelter to be placed up for adoption.

When fully operational, Furever Friends Rescue of Appanoose, Inc. will take in lost, neglected and unwanted dogs and cats being delivered by local governments and citizens throughout Appanoose County. We will collaborate with local veterinarians to provide necessary medical services — including low-cost spay and neuter programs — and then provide shelter and support services until the animals are adopted into their forever homes. Eventually, Furever Friends Rescue will also provide other animal welfare services and education.

Both services are needed and welcomed!